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Technical Papers...

We have the following 6 technical papers for you to download:

New-generation curative – taking an ETU replacement accelerator from concept to marketplace
2014- Rubbercon, Manchester

Clwyd Compounders is part of a European consortium that has developed a novel acceleratoras a potential alternative to ethyl thiourea (ETU), a material which has been identified as toxic to reproduction and a possible carcinogen. This paper follows on from the SafeRubberproject and aims to explore the potential of the accelerator SRM102 in compounding bothgeneral-purpose and high-performance elastomers.

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REACH for the downstream user- a summary
2011- Manchester Polymer Group Seminar

This presentation summarises the main points of the legislation as it affects downstreams users, and explains how a focus on the elimination Substances of Very High Concern from the supply chain can benefit users. A case study describes the successful replacement of phthalate plasticers by citrates.

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Achieving the right balance between Specification and Processabilty for Selected High Performance Elastomers
2012- DKT conference, Nuremberg

This paper aims to show through selected case studies how holistic analysis of processing and service requirements,coupled with innovative compounding, can produce compounds suitable for the most demanding applications.

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REACH for the downstream user
2010- Rubberchem conference, Vienna

This paper takes a more detailed look at the requirements of REACH and the associated CLP (Classifiaction, Labelling and Packaging) legislation, as they will affect downstream users until full implementation is required in 2015. It highlights actions which will be required, and includes a case study.

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The challenges of replacing existing compounding ingredients because of legislation
2006- Rubberchem conference, Nuremburg

This paper explains the effect of industry specific legislation EEC legislation on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical equipment) and GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substances List) on the selection of compounding ingredients, and give examples of how declarable or proscribed substances may be eliminated. 

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The compounders approach to developing compounds for components to meet major specifications for the oil and gas industries
2010- HPE for Oil and Gas Conference, Aberdeen

This paper explains, using case studies, how the need to formulate a compound to satisfy a demanding specification can be reconciled  with the need to ensure that it has a low enough viscosity to allow sufficient flow during the moulding process to enable the production of fully consolidated parts.

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Technical Services and Info >> Technical Papers
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