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Rubber in Engineering Group @ Clwyd - Sep 2018

Clwyd welcomed the Rubber in Engineering Group on Friday 21st September, more than 20 more

Case Studies...

We have the following case study for you to download:

Updated Silicone Aerospace Specifications Issues for Compounders and Downstream Users

Presented at DKT 2018, this poster discuss' the issues for compounders and downstream users, caused by specifications that do not take into account properties of new grades

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Combining Compound Optimization and Mix Cycle Evaluation to Suit Production Techniques and End Product Preformance

Presented at DKT 2015, this poster details the importance of ingredient selection and further processing considerations to achieve consistent high quality rubber compounds tailored to the manufacturer's processes.

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New High Temperature ACM Grade Pushes the Boundaries in Turbo Hose Applications

Clwyd Compounders Ltd introduces an alternative to ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM) for use in a wide variety of potential applications, including valve covers, oil pan gaskets, seals, turbo hoses and air ducts. This high-temperature polyacrylate compound offers a good balance of long-term heat and compression set performance with good low temperature properties and improved processing characteristics. 

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Development of a range of fibre reinforced compounds with improved processing for anti-extrusion applications

By gaining a thorough understanding of the internal mechanics of a fibre reinforced compound Clwyd Compounders has been able to produce a range of compounds, focusing on maintaining good processability, with greatly increased low extension modulus values. With knowledge of the technology we can offer bespoke development of tailor made compounds for use in various applications

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