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Rubber in Engineering Group @ Clwyd - Sep 2018

Clwyd welcomed the Rubber in Engineering Group on Friday 21st September, more than 20 more

Polymer Types - FFKM - Perfluoroelastomer...

Clwyd reference FFKM
ASTM classification FFKM

Perfluoroelastomers are fully-fluorinated fluorocarbon polymers which have elastomeric characteristics

Typical applications Chemical processing equipment, jet engines, semiconductor chip manufacturing

Outstanding high temperature and chemical resistance
Excellent ozone and weathering resistance
Excellent steam resistance

Disadvantages Poor low temperature performance
Available hardness range (Shore A) 70 - 95
Upper continuous service temp. (°C) 320
Min. temp. for sealing applications (°C) -20
Minimum non-brittle  temp.  (°C) -30
Tensile strength (up to) 15 MPa
Elongation at break (up to) 320%

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