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Rubber in Engineering Group @ Clwyd - Sep 2018

Clwyd welcomed the Rubber in Engineering Group on Friday 21st September, more than 20 more

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Oil & GasRubber compounds used in this sector are required to exhibit good heat and chemical resistance, together with excellent physical properties. The most widely used polymer is NBR, however, with increased well temperatures and ever increasingly aggressive chemical environments, higher performance elastomers are being used such as HNBR, FEPM C (copolymer) , FEPM T (terpolymer) and FKM.

In this industry there is a frequent requirement for hard, thick section mouldings such as packer seals, which are traditionally difficult to mould. Clwyd Compounders have specially developed compounds for these applications, which enable the production of fully consolidated fissure-free parts. This is particularly important in environments where there is a risk of explosive decompression. For more information see our technical paper.

We have recently developed a new series of ED compounds, which include both bisphenol and peroxide-cured FKMs, FEPM (AflasĀ®), HNBR and FFKM.  These compounds have been formulated to give excellent basic physical properties, along with processing ability, and have also been tested to ISO 23936-2 for rapid gas decompression (RGD). This range of developed compounds would therefore be ideal candidates to take forward to gain NORSOK approvals.

Datasheets can be accessed below:

Find out more about our range of ED resistant compounds by contacting our technical sales team.

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