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Clwyd is involved in the manufacture of elastomer materials used in several critical industries. more

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The properties and price of a vulcanised rubber compound are determined to a large extent by the polymer on which it is based, although a wide range of compounding ingredients are available to enhance performance and/or reduce cost. A full list of the polymers we handle can be viewed in our polymer types section

Designing a suitable compound requires a full understanding of the required physical and chemical properties of the end product, together with an understanding of the intended production process. There is often a requirement for a "best compromise" to be reached- a common example is the hard, highly viscous compound which shows excellent physical properties in the test piece, but the component itself is extremely difficult to manufacture due to insufficient flow during the moulding process.

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Clwyd technical staff have a wealth of experience, and an extensive library of formulations with  test results, on which to base their recommendations. They will be happy to discuss your requirements;  If you would like to gain a feel for what is available, please consult the compound type selector, please note that this is for guidance only; it is no substitute for a proper quotation!

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