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Clwyd is involved in the manufacture of elastomer materials used in several critical industries. more

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Rubber Compound for Domestic Water Treatment Association (DWTA) - May 2016

The longevity and efficiency of water heating primary circuits and boilers, including central heating systems, can be greatly improved by the use of chemical water treatment. The purpose of these treatment fluids in central heating systems is to:

  • inhibit corrosion of vital metallic parts such as pipes and radiators,
  • prevent scaling up of the system, and in particular the boiler.

In addition the fluid should not cause damage to plastic and rubber components of the system and should have a low environmental impact.

In 2004 the Domestic Water Treatment Association (DWTA) requested Clwyd to propose a series of 4 typical rubber compounds used for seals in radiators and alike that could be used as test standards for new additives to assess they didn’t destroy existing seals. The Specification was first published in February 2006 and is now being used as a benchmark for chemical inhibitor manufacturers to develop new chemical inhibitors and by BuildCert to offer third party Certification.

For a copy of the Specification Click Here.

The standard rubbers used are Clwyd preparation numbers that are also available to purchase to produce seals:

Material Type


EPDM 70, sulphur-cured


EPDM 70, peroxide-cured


EPDM 70, resin-cured


NBR 70, peroxide-cured


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