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COVID-19, Business Update - March 2020

Clwyd is involved in the manufacture of elastomer materials used in several critical industries. more

Technical Services & Laboratory Facilities...

Our process laboratory includes an internal mixer, allowing manufacture of batches from 1kg upwards, and 2 laboratory mills, and our staff are experienced in development work.

Our well equipped laboratory can carry out specification testing to a range of standards, including:

Tear Strength
Compression Set
Heat Resistance
Effect of Liquids
Ozone Resistance
Low Temperature

Corrosion Resistance

ISO 48:2010, ASTM D2240, ASTM D1415
BS ISO 2781:2008, A1:2010, ASTM D297
ISO 37:2011, ASTM D412
BS ISO 34-1:2010, ASTM D624
BS ISO 815-1:2008, ASTM D395
BS ISO 188:2007, ASTM D573
BS ISO 1817:2011, ASTM D471
BS ISO 1431-1 2012, ASTM D1149
BS903-A13:1990,ISO 1432:1998, ASTM D2137
BS ISO 6505:2005

As well as providing compound analysis/identification using

  • TGA   (Thermogravimetric analysis)
  • FTIR  (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)

Other equipment includes a spectrophotometer for colour matching and a dispergrader for carrying out dispersion checks.

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