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Rubber in Engineering Group @ Clwyd - Sep 2018

Clwyd welcomed the Rubber in Engineering Group on Friday 21st September, more than 20 more
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Mill Mixing/Finishing...

Mill Mixing/FinishingThe mill room contains 5x60” plus 1x40” mills, with a range of friction ratios to suit different mixes and processes.

A large part of the work carried out is the second staging of internally mixed compounds; examples of products where this approach is particularly beneficial are hard, fast curing,  fibre filled  nitriles ( as used in down-well applications) , and very soft compounds, where cooling followed by a second breaking down stage may be required to achieve optimum dispersion.

Traditional open mill mixing is also used for small batches, coloured compounds  and for “hard to handle” compounds, when appropriate. Where this requires the use of masterbatches (due to, eg, high levels of black in the mix), these are produced in-house to ensure quality.

Mills are fitted with trendview recorders to monitor power input; these mixing profiles are stored together with weightment, rheology  and lab testing data to provide a complete overview of the mix.

Compounds can be supplied in sheet, strip, in barwell blanks to a given weight, or in pellet form (suitable for solvation work).

Compound Manufacture >> Mill Mixing/Finishing
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